New and improved TouchTunes mobile app will leverage Lucra to allow friends and rivals to challenge one another at darts and other bar games to win cash or credits.

TouchTunes partnership with Lucra further showcases its industry-defining innovation, and creates even more engaging entertainment experiences that bring people together.

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About TouchTunes

TouchTunes is North America’s largest in-venue interactive music and entertainment platform, with connected jukeboxes and dartboards featured in more than 65,000 social venues across North America and Europe. Following its acquisition of Arachnid 360’s preeminent soft-tip electronic darts business in 2024, TouchTunes’ expanded network also includes over 30,000 connected dartboards in bars and restaurants globally.

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Consumer Technology

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Addressable Market:

2M+ Current Customers,
60,000 bars

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Use Case:

Mobile Customer Acquisition,
Play More/Stay Longer,
Increase Monetization

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Recreational Games SDK

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Lucra Provides A Dynamic Competition Engine To Uplevel The In-Venue Experience For Consumers

Play More
Customer Acquisition

Challenge friends or strangers to in-venue (or remote) games, encouraging people to download the TouchTunes to play.

Stay Longer
Play More & Stay Longer

Incorporating social, fun, and digitally engaging cash or credit contests to enhance and prolong the night.

Increase Monetization
Increase Monetization

Driving growth and value to operate customers and venue partners through diversified revenue streams from repeat and longer visits.


“We know many of our members already love to make a friendly wager for cash or drinks when they play bar sports like darts or pool. Partnering with an innovative technology company like Lucra allows us to elevate the in-venue experience with more fun and easy ways for people to connect and compete.”

— Ross Honey, CEO - TouchTunes


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