Lucra Fundamentals

  • How do I play?

    Lucra is a new player vs. player game in which you stake real money on a player and stat (e.g., Lebron James points) versus another user’s player and stat (e.g., Steph Curry points) in what we call a “contest.” Players can be from the same or different sports, as long as they both compete during a given week and the stats selected for each player can be the same or different (e.g., can be Tom Brady touchdowns vs. Tiger Woods birdies). Unlike daily fantasy or sports betting apps, you set your own terms (odds and spread) for contests based on publicly available data that we provide in the app, removing the dynamic where you’re betting against the House. Finish up by choosing whether to send contests to a friend, a group, or the Lucra public feed. Contests take less than one minute to create on average, leaving you time to explore the social features that are at the heart of what we built, including friending other users, creating groups, smack talking, and viewing head-to-head stats. To try it out, once you’ve signed up, tap the “create a contest” button or navigate to “contests” to accept a contest that someone else created. Start building out your Lucra network by adding friends or creating public or private groups on the “friends” tab. Finally, swipe up on your account bar at the bottom of the home page to easily track your contests and winnings at any time.

  • How do I sign up?

    Signing up is easy! Just download the Lucra Sports iOS app on on your phone and follow the sign up flow once you open the app.

  • What sports do you offer?

    We currently offer NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, golf, tennis, soccer (MLS, UEFA Champions League, Premier League) and eSports (League of Legends) and are always looking to add more sports. Shoot us an email at if there’s a sport or competition that you’d like to see in Lucra in the future and we’ll work on adding it.

  • What are Lucra Bucks?

    Lucra Bucks are Lucra’s version of “free play.” They are awarded for things like referrals and can be used in place of cash on the platform, however they have no cash value (not eligible for withdrawal) until they are used to create or accept contests. Once they are used, they are treated like cash.

  • Want to learn more?

    Read our FAQs here.