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Lucra Signs Landmark Deal with Major League Pickleball ratings system, DUPR, to power friendly competition within the Pickleball community. DUPR will leverage Lucra’s technology to take its match play to the next level, allowing users to play for cash or cash alternatives–court time, tickets, merchandise, and more!

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50 Million Pickleballers

This partnership with DUPR will allow the 50 million Americans who play pickleball to compete with each other for real money.

A game-changing partnership: How Lucra's White Label SDK elevates the DUPR Experience

In July 2023, Lucra and DUPR teamed up to take competition to new heights. DUPR will leverage Lucra’s technology to allow players to stake real money on competitive matches directly from inside the DUPR app. With instant match settlement, leaderboards, and head-to-head statistics, DUPR is supercharging the digital experience and offering a more robust suite of services to Pickleballers nationwide.

“Our collaboration with Lucra marks a significant milestone for the pickleball industry. With the Lucra SDK integrated into the DUPR app, we are introducing a new level of excitement and competition to both professional and recreational matches. It's an incredible opportunity for pickleball enthusiasts to take their passion for the game to new heights.”

Tito Machado - Head of DUPR


DUPR has always been laser-focused on finding innovative ways to elevate the user experience for Pickleballers. The partnership with Lucra offered the perfect solution: add gamification technology to enhance user experiences, drive app adoption, and create a new avenue for sustainable revenue growth. The introduction of Lucra's SDK into the DUPR app is poised to revolutionize recreational gaming. The anticipated benefits are vast, as the seamless integration of the SDK will unlock a whole new level of excitement and engagement for Pickleball players.


The implementation of Lucra's SDK into the DUPR app is simple. As DUPR's app was developed using ReactNative, Lucra's React Native SDK is a plug and play solution for all major platforms. This allowed for fast, easy integration within the ReactNative app, minimizing technical complexity while still prioritizing user experience. Lucra's cross platform suite of SDKs permits the independent launch of different flows, expediting implementation timelines without compromising the app's user interface. DUPR will have the flexibility to customize its user interface while seamlessly accessing Lucra's APIs directly through the SDK. These components will provide them with greater control over the app's design and functionality, creating a tailor-made experience for players.


While the partnership is still in the building process, both Lucra and DUPR are eagerly anticipating the launch of the new functionality within the DUPR app this fall. The collective effort to introduce real-money Pickleball matches is expected to bring about a surge in user engagement, attracting more players to the app and creating an electric atmosphere for the Pickleball community. With this partnership, Lucra introduces the first real-money gaming SDK into the market. As the new Lucra recreational SDK gains momentum, the company is enthusiastic about expanding these functionalities to other sports leagues, consumer brands, media, and technology companies. The future prospects hold immense promise for Lucra, DUPR, and the entire real-money gaming industry.

About DUPR

DUPR (Dynamic Universal Pickleball Rating) is the most accurate and only global pickleball rating system trusted by the world's premier Pickleball clubs, tours, and professionals. All players, regardless of their age, gender, location, or skill, are rated on the same scale between 2.00-8.00 based on their match results. DUPR is free and anyone can have a rating.

About DUPR

“We are thrilled to collaborate with DUPR to provide this transformative technology to pickleball enthusiasts worldwide. Our SDK will revolutionize the way people engage with the sport, offering an unprecedented opportunity for players to compete with their friends.”

Dylan Robbins, CEO & Founder, Lucra


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