• Why play Lucra?

    Playing Lucra is about having fun and fostering friendly competition. It’s a way to make new friends and reconnect with old ones, creating social connections and turning competitive moments into lasting moments. Lucra connects users on consumer platforms with others who share an interest in competition, enhancing their engagement with a platform they know and love.

  • Why partner with Lucra?

    Partnering with Lucra enables people to foster connections within a platform, turning fans to friends and individuals to teammates. Lucra doesn’t create the competition—instead, it creates shared experiences around the existing game at hand, allowing Lucra’s clients to engage with their users in a way that is familiar and fun. Whether it’s something you are watching or playing, Lucra creates a digital community by allowing people to compete with each other inside a platform they already know and trust.

  • Why is “Games You Play” a skill-based game?

    The “Games You Play” contests on Lucra are bona fide contests of skill in which the outcome of the activity is 1) entirely or primarily dependent upon the knowledge, ability, strength, speed or endurance of the participants, intelligence; and 2) subject to the control of the participants.

    All “Games You Play” contests on Lucra are: (a) based on the physical or mental play of the actual participants in the contests; (b) limited geographically to certain jurisdictions; and (c) subject to geolocation and age controls (i.e. 18+).

  • Is Lucra’s technology sports betting?

    No. Our peer-to-peer technology allows for users who are 18+ to compete with each other on the outcome of an activity in which they participate. In peer-to-peer, skill-based gaming, there is no playing against the “house,” removing the house advantage and instead focusing on the same starting conditions for all players who will compete against one another based on their physical or mental ability. Lucra is indifferent to the outcome of the result of the contest and does not receive an entry fee or rake on contests. Unlike sports betting, which is based on the performance of other participants, Lucra’s recreational, skill-based gaming product focuses on the active participation of users based on their physical or mental abilities.

  • Do you offer Responsible Gaming Resources? Are there limits to what can be risked?

    Yes, Lucra maintains best-in-class risk management and compliance infrastructure, allowing customers to set limits and exclusions. Lucra is a fair and responsible platform, and as such, has developed extensive measures to maintain a responsible, safe and reliable place for online gaming using the International Center for Responsible Gaming and the Responsible Gaming Council for guidance.

    Lucra’s responsible gaming policy ensures every user can play within their financial means. Lucra offers self-exclusion and self-limitation options, letting users control their play within the parameters they set for themselves. Additionally, users have the option to limit the funds they deposit into their account over a specified period on Lucra.

  • Are there geographic restrictions to your product?

    Yes, Lucra operates where such games are not prohibited by law.

    Currently, Lucra operates in the United States. The Lucra SDK is available in 44 states, the recreational games product is available in 42 states, and the professional sports product is available in 32 states. For international enterprises interested in Lucra, contact team@lucrasports.com as Lucra explores expansion opportunities.

    Specific U.S. states of operation can be found in the “Eligibility” section of Lucra’s Terms of Service.

  • Is there an age limit for your product?

    Yes, users must be at least 18 years old to interact with the Lucra SDK. In certain states, such as Nebraska and Alabama, end users must be at least 19 years old, and in Iowa and Massachusetts, end users must be at least 21 years old. Lucra uses third party services to verify a user’s identity and age.

  • How does Lucra handle the risk of real-money gaming?

    Lucra works with top legal, risk, and compliance partners to ensure that clients and their end users feel safe, secure, and trusted.

    Lucra implements transaction monitoring, pattern recognition, anti-money laundering, geolocation, KYC, and authentication services to prevent fraudulent activities.

  • What is an SDK?

    An SDK, or Software Development Kit, is a set of tools, libraries, and documentation developers use to create software applications for specific platforms, frameworks, or programming languages. An SDK provides a convenient way for developers to interact with and utilize the capabilities of a specific system or platform without having to start from scratch.

  • What platforms do you support? (i.e. iOS, Android, Swift, React Native, UI kits etc.)

    Lucra’s SDK is currently available for iOS and Android (mobile-only) and is compatible with Swift, React Native, and UI Kits. Please contact team@lucrasports.com for Web solutions.

  • Does the SDK include UI components?

    Yes, Lucra offers two types of integrations: (1) An API + our UI or (2) an API-only solution if you prefer to build the UI yourselves. Lucra’s API + UI integration will blend seamlessly into your app, as the UI is customized to your brand colors and themes.

  • How long does a typical integration take?

    A typical integration for Lucra’s out-of-the-box solutions is two weeks. For more custom solutions, Lucra works with partners to gather requirements and estimate a timeline. Lucra typically owns 80-90% of the upfront work before passing it to partners for integration.

  • What payment processors do you support?

    Lucra currently supports bank accounts, credit/debit cards (except Mastercard), and Apple Pay. PayPal and Venmo coming soon!

  • Do you offer SDK Documentation support?

    Yes, Lucra offers SDK Documentation support. Please contact us at team@lucrasports.com to receive a copy of our SDK Documentation.

  • What rating will this fall into in the various app stores? Is it gambling?

    The Lucra SDK will fall under the 17+ app store age ratings.

    The Lucra SDK is NOT considered gambling. Lucra is legally classified as a skill-based game, which means end users compete against each other based on their abilities rather than predominantly relying on chance.

  • How do I know if my company is a fit for the Lucra SDK?

    Fantastic question! Lucra integrates real-money gamification technology into consumer experiences, enhancing friendly competition within your ecosystem. If your platform involves competition or community interaction, Lucra could be an excellent fit. Contact us to explore the possibilities.

  • Who handles customer support for the user?

    Lucra handles all aspects of customer support, including identity verification and account management, payments, dispute settlement, fraud prevention and detection, and more. If you’d like to learn more about our services, please contact us at team@lucrasports.com!