Gamify your consumer experience

Reduce friction for your operations and for your customers with a seamless, unified experience built to elevate your brand’s relationship with your audience.

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Speedy Market Access

Integrate Lucra in weeks. Service 18+ audience in 43 states that cover 90%+ of the US population

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Data and Marketing Optimization

Lucra provides dashboard insights to help you better understand your customers

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Stronger Engagement

Keep customers engaged with your brand around the clock using an interactive social gaming solution

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Diversified Revenue

Lucra offers multiple ways to generate incremental revenue

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Audience Growth

Lucra creates social interactivity producing organic customer acquisition

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Risk Management and Compliance

We handle it, so you don’t have to

Why brands can trust LUCRA

Our legal, risk, and compliance partners


Learn more about how our technology can transform your business by extending your reach and increasing your engagement in record time!

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